Write Like a Chef

I’m new to writing and somewhat in the first place don’t really know how to write, the idea was there, the purpose was there, the tools were there and the inspiration but I don’t know how to build this thing. My ideas were just piled up like brick but I just don’t know what will be the output is, I’m missing the blueprint.

The first thing in learning was copying right? When we were still adorable toddlers, our parents said it’s time to some schoolin’ to do so they present us the ABC’s and taught us how to copy and imitate the words spoken. Pondering that maybe this was also true for writing but  as you master those basics you begin to take that as your own and mold a new creation.

My Transition

At first, I created my first post just to try new things out and experience what will be the feelings I feel then. Of course, curiosity. Then I guess I’m not into it but then there are those magic moments when someone inspires you to take action maybe even just inspired by a medium of work. I read different articles almost everyday from different blogs and I guess that serves as my model, my ABC, at the present.

I don’t focus much on the grammar nor the typos on writing because it just slows the process and holds down your momentum to ignite the real meat of your work. My aim personally was to cook simple, and warm and delicious food that will place a smile one’s face. So let’s start!

Writing Like a Chef

1. Menu

As a chef, this must be the first priority. What dish will I be cooking? Who are my customers? Will my dish helps him/her to be healthier, stronger, maybe a inches taller or even improve one’s performance and mental aptitude? Will this yields value to him/her?

This are the basic questions that must be brought up first to clarity and the rest will come in harmony. Keep in mind also the time when will you cook it. This was a little different what majority of the writers I acknowledge do because first you should to the draft then polish it then revise it again finally publishing it. It’s not what I do, I just feel when it’s cooking time then I cook the best dish I can that time prior. Remember, you will be better as time went by. 🙂

2. Plating

Ah this was the fancy stuff, the presentation of your masterpiece. You will be the first critique of your dish. Was it pleasing to the senses? When you look at your dish, does it makes you grab that food and just eat it?  Was the very smell of it causes you to drool? You can tell if the food was delicious just by the sight of it right? Was the overall organization and structure of work makes it more clear and easy to read?

Another thing was, the work that you create resonates to the reader. I mean they will sense also the feeling when you wrote it, what you feel when you were writing it and also your purpose. Your current mindstate at that time will be imprinted along with your output that’s why you should always have a mindset that raises a person’s soul whenever he wears it. Now think yellow! Got’cha!

3. Taste

Finally you have done the essentials and it will boil down to taste. The taste will be the impression that the customer will remember when he leaves that door. Have you placed the best ingredients that will coat and compliment the taste of your dish? Have you added those secret gravy and special spices chef? 😉

On your work, this was your own thumbmark, it’s your personal touch and experience that will be added and compliment the piece. That originality, that very character you will share to the world would be the very message they are reading right now.

Ok, Time for Dessert

Whew! Writing this sure makes me hungry. As any aspect in my life that requires practice more than innate intelligence, radical action is a way to go. There’s so much fun having an interactive learning while teaching along the way.

Someday you will cook at seven-star hotel or grand palace or serving lovely people, whatever you do, the thing that matter is always the quality of your work and the happiness you take from it. 🙂


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