Tummo in Aiding Proper Digestion

Tummo is the breathing technique that was used by Tibetan monks to heat up their body in the cold mountains in Himalayas. Tummo means the fire within but the Tibetan folks says the fierce woman, sheesh.

Anyway I remembered encountering this word while watching the “ice man” in the Guinness Word of Records. He can withstand extremely cold temperature most of freeze to death. He even swims in the semi-frozen sea somewhere.

I tried to give this technique a try because I always catch colds in our place wherein the place was damp, cold and windy (brrr).

Let’s Do This!

I sat in a lotus style, take a few full deep breath, this was to cleanse the lungs first and to prime it to take its proper function. Then after that I take another full deep breath, hold it as long as I can. The next thing you do was to feel the heat inside rising like a flame inside a bottle and visualize it. Incorporate all the things perceived by the senses for instance, I visualize a golden red hot flame burning, I resonate to the husky sound of that inner flame like the voice an attractive lady, I feel my body is beginning to sweat, just feel the warmth, feel the heat. Then slowly exhaling that warm air, releasing the inner flame throughout like magma flowing, rushing in the blood vessels reaching the very tips of my body. Step three is to repeat until you want other things to do with that hot body.

And by the way, you can transmute that heat to assist any biological organism, to speed up healing process, to cleanse both spiritual and living vessel and to crush abnormal cells like tumor or cancer by both using energy, words and thought. This was used by some people in China in which these spiritual ‘practitioners’ annihilate the tumor of the woman completely by visualizing the woman completely happy and healthy person (maybe they visualize that she was doing gymnastics in the Olympics, who knows they’re Chinese) instead of thinking the tumor will disappear but they slap this reality into the matrix that the tumor does not exist and viola the bug was fixed.

Ok where am I, this was about digestion right? Who cares about digestion! Let’s apply that magic heat already. Based on my understanding, this heat was energy or Chi or the other word Indians call, whatever you call it. In the case of the people who got stroke and half of their body was basically dead, the cells were not dead because blood still circulate through the veins. What makes it was that the flow of the energy, the electrical pulses that will ignite the heat was cut off. To replenish this there should be enough electrical impulses to feed those energy-starved cells.

So got it already? What you are trying to do was to concentrate more energy to the cells in your body to activate each cells optimum performance. It’s supercharging batteries to do more.

Doesn’t work? This was subjective and needs dedication and will to achieve, try doing yoga before and after, in that way you also nourish your cells with invigorating oxygen.

Tummo is one of the countless ways to ramp up health and wellness but I dare to improve the heart of it. Diet. Eating raw will immensely improve ones life in many aspects. Try it for 30 days and done deal.


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