Today I will start writing on this Excel environment instead of writing from”The My Daily Journal” software. I intended to do this to be a master in playing excel and also to polish my typewriting skills and writing skills which I am now doing right now.This would need longer hours of practice to improve everyday without fail and I will do it even I don’t have the energy and time to do so for 30 days. Right now I will focus on the content and the writing more than the visual appeal of it. Well that’s weird, just a second ago my mind just went blank and I think I feel like a balloon head. I don’t know what have caused that but there is a sort of fear and mystery of it. Fear of maybe I have some health issues to deal with and the mystery that keeps me thinking why?

Okay I just copy-paste the text above from excel to this WordPress, initially when I paste it. The table were also copied so I have to edit the HTML. Right now the computer is slow to pick up as I am writing so I guess it is better to write it down in excel first then paste it in here.

I don’t have much to say from today but I will keep publishing here for 30 days straight and time will tell if I will continue to write. Well I do this for personal growth and also to increase my value. It’s like investing in yourself so that it will gain much return in the future and help people along the way. I am 18 years old and I realize that I should not waste  time to fool around and do none sense bullshit. I am pursuing Mining Engineering degree and I will do my best to achieve that. In the present that would be my goal, to receive that diploma and to show it to my parents, for me that would be the key to liberate myself from them. Now don’t get me wrong if I sound like a prisoner but that’s how I feel, indebted from my parents and to somewhat “pay” that was to finish a marketable degree.

My parents wanted me to go for medical technology or radiology. I remember the reason why I choose engineering, to defeat my weakest skill, math; and of course the money and the fact that I am paid to go to these remote places and do something there for a purpose and not just wandering and counting the grass. That’s all I wanted for a mining engineering degree: money, travel, work and cool stuff. But the math, I should slaughter that beast once and for all. For the time being, its the only thing that slows me down in the academia.

I will do my best to practice and will continue to push on on self mastery and finding what interests me the most. Right now I have no other option but to win.



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