Living Online?

The simple idea of connecting computers literally change the world. I want to compare this change from another perspective.
The human’s discovered another planet and they call it Internet. Like a newly discovered place. This realm is very much habitable to all forms of ideas whether fact or opinions, thruth or bluffs.

As time went by the Internet is slowly filled with all sorts of pioneers about all sorts of subjects. This new planet was created mainly for communication for the military – exchanging information with a press of a finger.

What have it become now? I observe most of the things related to money will be the once that bombarded my computer screeen other than the once that provide value to the world.
Anyone who enters this world should not put his guard down and he must acquire great amount of discipline for the reason that all things that feed the very nature of that of an animal will also the same as man. He will eat what his heart desires and be blinded with his own folly. An angry man will provoke anger so as a lustful man desires pornography. Additionally, same is true for wise man will learn wisdom and a diligent worker finds organization. No, internet will not change a man, it will feed him with eat-all-you-can buffet!

In this new world, the inhabitants that feed most of the people’s desires live richly and the things that poeple don’t want, they die. Every corner is like a magnet attracting each like-minded person to  multiply. If they are gathered for a noble cause then goood, if otherwise, it is dangerous. Always be watchful in every path because wolves loves gullible visitors. Test every site and check every source even if it was from a trusted source.

So what is my objective in living online?
First and foremost, I ask the reason why I am doing all of this. Why am writing this? Why am I saving almost all of the data that I can collect? For instance MS documents and pictures. Maybe subconsciously I just want to have a conscious existence and left my mark  in the world.

Men from the dawn of civilization always place marks on stones, for example the animal drawing on the cave, the pyramids on Giza, stone buildings. People always want to leave a legacy. I learned that our limitations such as being a mortal makes us want to become immortal through mediums.

Mediums. Exactly. Maybe it’s just a representative or a shadow  of what we really are but it is enough to make us feel a life that is worth living.

Think of the king who only wants to collect wealth and expand his kingdom. Think of the mother who wants to bear as many healthy child.

But all of this will be as air if you die? What will all this lead? That’s why your mark should be placed on the hearts of the people you love. Memories can be forgotten and every single wealth imaginable will turn to the earth. Even I.

I guess the Bible is right, whatever you do, do it with all your might, because there’s no more work after death.

Work to love. Work to love. Love is a verb. Work to love. Sometimes it is challenging but it will always work out. It will always workout.

The reason that I am doing this was to remind people to use the gift of these progress and if it will be used in the work of love, it can do wonders.


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