Write Like a Chef

I’m new to writing and somewhat in the first place don’t really know how to write, the idea was there, the purpose was there, the tools were there and the inspiration but I don’t know how to build this thing. My ideas were just piled up like brick but I just don’t know what will be the output is, I’m missing the blueprint.

The first thing in learning was copying right? When we were still adorable toddlers, our parents said it’s time to some schoolin’ to do so they present us the ABC’s and taught us how to copy and imitate the words spoken. Pondering that maybe this was also true for writing but  as you master those basics you begin to take that as your own and mold a new creation.

My Transition

At first, I created my first post just to try new things out and experience what will be the feelings I feel then. Of course, curiosity. Then I guess I’m not into it but then there are those magic moments when someone inspires you to take action maybe even just inspired by a medium of work. I read different articles almost everyday from different blogs and I guess that serves as my model, my ABC, at the present.

I don’t focus much on the grammar nor the typos on writing because it just slows the process and holds down your momentum to ignite the real meat of your work. My aim personally was to cook simple, and warm and delicious food that will place a smile one’s face. So let’s start!

Writing Like a Chef

1. Menu

As a chef, this must be the first priority. What dish will I be cooking? Who are my customers? Will my dish helps him/her to be healthier, stronger, maybe a inches taller or even improve one’s performance and mental aptitude? Will this yields value to him/her?

This are the basic questions that must be brought up first to clarity and the rest will come in harmony. Keep in mind also the time when will you cook it. This was a little different what majority of the writers I acknowledge do because first you should to the draft then polish it then revise it again finally publishing it. It’s not what I do, I just feel when it’s cooking time then I cook the best dish I can that time prior. Remember, you will be better as time went by. 🙂

2. Plating

Ah this was the fancy stuff, the presentation of your masterpiece. You will be the first critique of your dish. Was it pleasing to the senses? When you look at your dish, does it makes you grab that food and just eat it?  Was the very smell of it causes you to drool? You can tell if the food was delicious just by the sight of it right? Was the overall organization and structure of work makes it more clear and easy to read?

Another thing was, the work that you create resonates to the reader. I mean they will sense also the feeling when you wrote it, what you feel when you were writing it and also your purpose. Your current mindstate at that time will be imprinted along with your output that’s why you should always have a mindset that raises a person’s soul whenever he wears it. Now think yellow! Got’cha!

3. Taste

Finally you have done the essentials and it will boil down to taste. The taste will be the impression that the customer will remember when he leaves that door. Have you placed the best ingredients that will coat and compliment the taste of your dish? Have you added those secret gravy and special spices chef? 😉

On your work, this was your own thumbmark, it’s your personal touch and experience that will be added and compliment the piece. That originality, that very character you will share to the world would be the very message they are reading right now.

Ok, Time for Dessert

Whew! Writing this sure makes me hungry. As any aspect in my life that requires practice more than innate intelligence, radical action is a way to go. There’s so much fun having an interactive learning while teaching along the way.

Someday you will cook at seven-star hotel or grand palace or serving lovely people, whatever you do, the thing that matter is always the quality of your work and the happiness you take from it. 🙂


Precreate Your Day

Visualizing your best day ahead will be the best thing to prime your mind to have a great day whatever happens. Precreate was to create in imagination before the event or create before something else occurs. If you will think the very best thing that will happen to you, maybe you want a fluid-smooth day or maybe just a beautiful day to relax and stretch up, this thoughts will eventually pave your course for just like the tranquil waters flows on the river. Remember that as within so without as above so below or just as Christ put it:

Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

-Matthew 18:18

My Experience

Last night when I’m planning what will I do tomorrow, since I will again return to the university to pay for my tuition. That time I primed up my brain to have a smooth day and just have fun. I know beforehand that it will be a long line so upon waking up early in the morning, I changed, prepared my things then went straight to school with an empty stomach. As I arrive, exactly the gate opens and the students rush to fall in line to the cashier’s office. We would wait there until 7:30 am because its the office hours but I’m already in line at 6:06 am but at last after a long wait. I finished paying and got my validation and finished the remaining process at 8:20 am. I’m sure thankful that it was done. 🙂

What happened on the process?

When its time to fall in line to the lanes, I switch to the other lane where there were only few people waiting then after some time the guard questioned me if where did I fall in line before and I looked at the person who was in front of me at the time when we fall in line fortunately he confirmed then the guard mumbled why I keep switching lines. I noticed I went to the cashier number ten where on the first place I should be on line eleven. Then I saw the person in front of me already done and I was still waiting to be the next person to pay.

Maybe there were flaws occurred on the process because I myself didn’t follow the course of the river I precreated. Anyhow the all the people who process my enrollment were nice and I’m thankful for their friendliness.

Then I Met a Pastor

After I ride a jeep went home, I saw a man, somewhere forty of age, playing basketball solo style. I went on and approach him, joined him to play ball. After some shoots and driblings, I’m curious about him, I observe he was  not that in for a talk, so encourage him, asked questions about him applying the principles I read on How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Well, our conversation goes like this:

me: Boss maki-ayam ak man. (Ilocano)
him: (Sige)
me: Coach po kayo? (Tagalog)
him: Hindi, nag-eexercise lang. Saan ka ba naglalaro? (Tagalog all the way)
me: Ah naglalaro po ako pero hindi player.
him: Mm may trabaho ka na?
me: Ah hindi po studyante pa. Kakaenrol lang kanina.
him: (asked me where university I’m enrolled and what was my course)
me: Kayo po, anong trabaho nila?
him: Pastol
me:(basically I asked questions about him, what was his church, about what makes his vocation valuable, what are the difficulty, does he have children, religion stuff)

We talked some stuffs before parting ways, the conversation flowed just as we played basketball, the other one ask the other one answered, it’s not the best conversation but at least I met a pastor.


So the idea here was to prime your mind and attention to what will make the best day possible because your day can go with unlimited ways but choose to have your best option. Its like programming a variable to have definite function so that it will yield specific results, that is what you do. If you have already done that, the next things was to be in the flow and enjoy the moment! Don’t try to go against the tide because you will find yourself lost and probably will struggle more than effortlessly drifting on the waves.


How Keeping a Journal Makes One Wiser

Every great men in history keeps his journal or diary if you say. Keeping a journal really makes the best of me. Every night I would write to my journal like a log book and every time I wrote, there were many insights I see from my experience and that way I can point out what will be of that particular experience of my day from different perspective.

How it Started

On the second semester of my first year our psychology college instructor required us to create an anamnesis for finals. Well he particularly said to paste things you wanted to paste just like a scrap book, the richer the content, the better. I thought it was tedious to maintain this anamnesis for writing everyday so I googled the best diary software then I downloaded The Journal 6 at that time. The visuals are not that good but it will get the job done. Then after reading Tim Ferris’ blog I again tried the Scriver, it is good just as Tim said. Though I didn’t continue to use it well I don’t have swag to purchase it though hihi.

When the semester was done I read some of the articles of Steve Pavlina and hey, he also used The Journal! So I download again the software, this time The Journal 7. Well its okay if I exhausted the trial days of it cause the software still allows you to plug in entries even if the trial expires.

Make it a Habit

I remembered the first time I wrote like this like a diary was way back in highschool when our teacher in Religion (CLF) wanted us to make reflection everyday on the notebook then to be submitted to him if he said so. This mandatory pushes me to write even when I’m lazy in the afternoon and so I carry that same mindset when I’m writing for my anamnesis. Sometimes you’re motivated to write what have happened on your day and sometimes you feel like its worthless doing this writing. In that case, just write something on your journal maybe a few sentences to describe your day or mood. Just keep it up every single day.

No matter how weak the flame if you just continue the heat, the water will eventually boil.

-Coach Kaizer

Enjoy What You Create!

You should love what you do in the first place because it’s somewhat telling the world that you exist and besides when you’re old, your children and grandchildren is curious about what was your life. Regardless of what you wrote back, they will lovingly read that because you write basing from your experience and wit and from your personal perspective.

Think of yourself as a pirate, a sailor or a merchant or an adventurer or a freewalker or maybe a Spartan soldier whoever that might be having the time of his life wrote and passed his experience and stories to every beautiful soul he met. That is YOU.

Besides from the life lessons you yourself will be teaching to yourself, you will become more aware being and will gain clarity and skills along the way. Have fun!

Concerning My Homeland

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(A random thought about the present, the youth, the society and status of Benguet province.)

Benguet is considered to be the melting pot of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) because of its abundant productivity of vegetables and root crops, center of commercial marketing and trading, multiple opportunities for jobs and dynamic base structure for businesses, highly top notch schools, colleges and universities producing high-caliber graduates, an income generating and a running community.

Despite of this incredible feat, most of the intelligent and smart persons, when they climb their way to ones goal and reach the apex of success, eventually they stop. They stop stretching; they stop growing, and always settle for financial and social security. Those great mind and working hands are great help in the overall progress of our land.

In this present era, communication is just a click away and information sources are endless. Just take an account of the internet, this amazing median to change anything. But there’s a flow in this Information Age, what is that? The question of identity. Decades or centuries later, our forefathers know exactly who they are, their name, their language, their culture, their identity. Fast forward to the year 2014, the people, especially the youths are confused, rather, have no idea who they are. This scenario inclines them to follow the latest trend, specifically the pop culture, just going with the flow with the majority. Why? They have no roots, no sturdy foundation of their principles and certain beliefs, or better put it this way, they are slowly forgetting their identity as time passes. They avoid speaking in their native language/s for they thought speaking Ibaloi or Kankana-ey or Ilokano sounds uncivilized, naive or just feels outclassed. Most sharp minds and vigor bodies are unfortunately not active cultural recreation and ceremonies, don’t know how to join Tayyaw and play the Gangsa set, and sometimes embarrassed to wear ‘wanes’ just because. BUT the irony is this: why do even admire Korean nationalities wearing their traditional dress and suits? Embraced the K-Pop? Eat their food?

There’s no dominant culture, only a brain washed-dominant mentality, the Neocolonialism mentality. What is that? Simply the white man impression. It’s the socio-economic and political control that can be exercised economically, linguistically, and culturally, whereby promotion of the culture of the neo-colonist country facilitates the cultural assimilation of the colonised people and thus opens the national economy to the multinational corporations of the neo-colonial country. That is why anything that comes from our industrialized neighbors, you already accepts it’s products and multitude of scraps without even exercised fair judgement weather it good or trash. That is why we are obsessed with the word IMPORTED. Imported food, imported clothes, imported bags, imported gadgets, equipment, tools and thousands of things in the global market. We love their music, their movies, their fashion even their foods. Then I think, maybe this is how it should because most of the produce we sell in our country are second class quality. Now where are the first class products you ask, most, nearly all of them are exported and now on sale at Walmart.

In the Pre-Colonial Era, the Dutch, the Englishmen, the Spaniards set sail to colonize and rule the trading routes, conquering most lands and acquiring highest quantity of wealth, basically to rule the world scheme. The modus-operandi is to:1) conquer a land, 2) replace the native culture with theirs, 3) extracting wealth and raw materials from the nation then bringing all the laurels to her mother country. JUST LIKE A SWARM OF LOCUST GET IT. Thus a total colonialism. A concrete example of this is the wipe-out of the Incan Civilization. When the colonialist found out their diverse and rich kingdom, they greed to get it all. And guess what, they did. Those wolves have earned the trust of the king and when they have seen those golds, search done, killed the king. Because those are walking measle-carriers the whole community got infected by thee disease and eventually lead to one’s deterioration. When natives have become vulnerable, the colonials loot all the wealth, the exotic fruits and spices and the infamous chocolate drink. Probably one of the best annihilation in history.
Another one is the defeat of the Native American or the Indian Tribe by the cowboys of the wild West.

Now I guess history is bound to repeat itself, and it is happening right now. Today, we are bombarded with the idea that the whites are superior than us and the problem is we are buying that idea. We want fair skin tone, we want that tip nose, we want tall figure, we want dollars.

The truth is, no matter how hard for us to ‘copy’ them, it’s really not that achievable. It’s like hoping for the guava tree to bear apples. If it’s not you, then it’s not you. For instance, the Christmas, as we know this was introduced by Americans, now, once the month hit the -ber months, Filipinos just anticipate for this. Yet so much of it’s true meaning was widely misunderstood. Most don’t care for the lyrics of those Christmas songs (not to be confused with Christian Christmas songs) because it’s not part of our culture. The Christmas tree is a part of our culture, the snow-man is a part of our culture, even the songs are just foreign to us.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now in the present-day warfare, it’s not the mere guns and tanks war, it’s a war between cultures, war between ethics and moral values, war between who will win in the minds of our children: self-preservation or modern mainstream, and unending wrestle between patriotism or globalization.